About Maestro Gheorghe

About Maestro Gheorghe

Dr. Viorel Gheorghe Dr. Viorel Gheorghe is the founder of the Lyric Symphony Orchestra and its Music Director and Conductor since 2000, and the Music Director and Conductor of the Moreno Valley Master Chorale since 2005. An extremely versatile musician, Dr. Gheorghe has broadened the horizon and the scope of the symphony orchestra through wonderful performances of vocal-instrumental masterpieces of the operatic and oratorio repertoire.

Dr. Gheorghe has earned his Master of Music Performance degree from the University of Redlands, where he studied with Donald Th. Jaeger, and earned his Ph.D. degree in Music Theory from the University of Southern California Los Angeles. He also studied conducting in Germany with Horst Gehann and Herbert Blomstedt. He has performed as oboist or conductor with professional orchestras and choirs throughout the US and Europe.

Dr. Gheorghe is an active composer and arranger and also active in area of music publishing, most notably are his studies on Semiotics and Semantics of Music and his comprehensive treatise on the Theory of Byzantine Music. Dr. Gheorghe is a member of National Association of Composers USA. Among his most known compositions are: Winter Rhapsody, Romanian Rhapsody for Wind Ensemble and Harp, Psalm 103 for Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra, and Four Transylvanian Songs for Voice and Piano.

Critical Acclaim

"Under conductor Viorel Gheorghe, seldom heard perfection gave the audience a memorable experience. Jewels from Mozart's operatic creations, one of his finest piano concertos and his Coronation Mass, were on the well-rounded program. It's Mozart with finesse that does justice to this great composer. Bravissimo to Lyric Symphony and its conductor."
     -The San Bernardino Sun